40 ways to build up and encourage your spouse

It is easy to get burnt out on the day to day tasks: works, house keeping, cooking, errands, parenting... the list goes on and on. It is easy to overlook a lot of little things our spouses do as it's just part of normal. Every now and then, it is nice to hear "thank you for making supper", "thank you for the long, hard hours at work you have put in", "I'm proud of you". Everyone loves to feel encouraged every now and then. It may just give us a boost in spirit as we continue the tasks we may not like doing or feel burnt out over... {click to read more}


The shift: belief and love as building blocks

How often do you hear negativity in your day to day life? Everywhere you turn, it seems like negativity is lurking. It is even in our homes. Many of us are guilty of this. We may have been negative towards strangers, coworkers, friends, our kids, our spouses, and ourselves. It is amazing where it hides when you consciously look for it and make a point of keeping it away. Be the change... {click title to read more}

The simple truth about using your gifts

Gifts. Use them. No problem, right? After realizing the gifts we have and developing a plan to master them, it is hard to ignore the "sacrifice" carrying through will take. That sacrifice alone - be it time, money, effort, image, relationships, desires - is enough to keep many people from using their gifts... {click title to read more}

8 ways to master sharing your gifts

So you've figured out your spiritual gifts, now what? {If you missed my last post, you won't want to miss it as it introduces what I'm about to write about.} If you're wondering what in the world you are supposed to do with your spiritual gifts and your personal skills... {click title to read more}

Are you using your gifts?

Do you ever feel as if you're being nudged to do something? Not the debate between doing right or wrong, but the feeling like you need to change something or do more? Lately, it seems like the idea of using the gifts we are given keeps popping up in my life. Most times, I just shrug it off, but lately, I feel convicted by it. One line spoken by our pastor has been resonating with me lately: What is my excuse?... {click title to read more}

Happy Father’s Day

It seems like so many people you talk to have a sore spot when it comes to Father's Day. Many have stories of heart ache, disappointment, shame, anger... the list goes on. This is so unfortunate given the role that fathers can play in a child's upbringing. But, and this is a big one, many forget that Father's Day is also a day to rejoice for our God is the ultimate Father and loves each and every one of us so deeply... {click title to read more}

Powerful Proverbs 31 Virtues

How do you even begin to tackle the Proverbs 31 passage? This woman has so many qualities that it is rather intimidating as written. While trying to wrap my head around this wife of noble or virtuous character, I tried to dissect what virtues she possessed. After, I sorted them in the order of importance for me... {click title to read more}